*Please note the program below is subject to change.

Detailed Program 

Thursday, 19 April 2012   

16:00 Registration opens at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

16:30 Opening remarks by commercial counselor at the US Embassy Mr. Jonathan Heimer, AIA Europe President Mr. Thomas Bitnar AIA, Conference Chair Yael Kinsky AIA.   

17:00 Lecture: Design Elevates | “How the value of architecture contributes to the general public’s quality of life and our client’s business.” by Etan Kimmel, Rechter Award winner 2012 of Kimmel-Eshkolot Architects.   2 HSW* 

18:00 Guided tour: Tel Aviv Museum of Art with Amit Nemlich, project architect.   1.5 HSW 

19:30 Cocktail reception   

20:00 Open discussion: Design Elevates | “How quality architecture adds value to our lives and how we can accelrate this change.” Moderated by Scott Sivan.   *

21:15 Dinner on your own   

Friday, 20 April 2012   

09:00 Registration continues at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

09:30 Lecture: 4D Architectural Collage | “Architecture today created by layers of history, culture, art, demography, and archeology” with Renanah Yardeni, architect and urban planner.   1 

10:30 Lecture: Park Adgami — “Reclamation, repurposing and reuse for public recreation and education” with landscape architect Aliza Broida.   1 SD 

11:30 Sponsor presentation: DIP Tech — Glass printing technologies explained; with Yair Mazliach, CEO and David Knafo, architect.  1 HSW

12:30 Lunch: sandwiches and coffee   

13:00 Bus transfer   

Design Museum Holon

13:45 Welcome by Motti Sason, Mayor of Holon City   

13:45 Lecture: Design Elevates | “City of Holon Branding: transforming the city via a long term urban design concept” with Holon City Mayor Mr. Moti Sasson and City CEO Ms. Hana Hartzman.   1

14:45 Guided tour: Holon Library — A new mediatheque following the concept at the Centre Pompidou, designed by Baruch Baruch, architect.   1 HSW 

15:45 Break: coffee, tea, pastry   

16:15 Guided tour: Design Museum Holon by Ron Arad Architects with project architect and construction manager Sharon Ben Shem.   1.5 HSW/SD

17:45 Bus transfer to Jaffa   

Peres Peace House

18:15 Guided tour: Peres Peace House by Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto with Yoav Messer, project architect.  1.25 HSW 

19:30 Bus travel to Kfar Saba   

Marvin Windows and Doors Showroom

20:00 Sponsor presentation: Marvin Windows and Doors presentation and showroom. Refreshments will be served.   1 HSW

21:30 Bus to Tel Aviv   

Dinner on your own   

Saturday, 21 April 2012   

Habima Theatre, Rothschild Blvd., by the "3 Coins Sculpture"

08:15 Meeting point for walking tour   

08:30 Walking tour of The White City, Tel Aviv (Unesco Heritage Site): “Sustainability in its infancy” by Prof. Moshe Margalit.   2 HSW/SD

10:30 Bus to Tel Aviv Museum of Art

11:00 Break: coffee, drinks, cakes   

11:15 Lecture: 4D Collage | “An historical perspective and analysis of architecture in Tel Aviv beyond the 19th century”.   1 

12:15 Lecture: Tel Aviv Port and Promenade — “Transforming and connecting the Port to a vibrant Tel Aviv” by Mayslits Kassif Architects.   1 SD 

13:15 Lunch sandwiches, coffee   

13:30 Sponsor presentation: Downstream — “Global documentation solution software”  1 

14:30 Sponsor presentation: Sipral — “Glass facade products and engineering challenging our imagination”  1 HSW

15:30 AIA Europe chapter meeting   

16:00 Bus travel   

16:20 Self-guided tour: Tel Aviv Port   

16:40 Bus travel to Jaffa   

17:10 Guided tour: Old Jaffa — rules of design, renovation, and conservation   

18:45 Bus to Gala Dinner   

19:00 Gala dinner sponsored by Laufen: Catit restaurant (transport by bus will be provided after dinner to central points in Tel Aviv)  

Sunday, 22 April 2012   

08:00 Meet at Tel Aviv Museum of Art  

08:15 Bus to Jerusalem   

9:45 Guided tour: Har Habayit — Multiple layers of history, architecture, and culture at the Grave Church, Western Wall, Al-Aqsa Mosque, and Dome of the Rock.   1 HSW

10:45 Guided tour: the Old City, the Arab market, David’s Tower, the Jewish quarter — Conservation and exposition of historical layers.   1 

12:00 Guided tour: Davidson Center and the Old Jewish Quarter — Eitan Kimmel of Kimmel-Eshkolot Architects reveals layers of history without damaging the uppermost.   1 HSW

13:00 Bus to The Israel Museum   

13:30 Lunch   

14:00 Guided tour: The Israel Museum — Updating a modernist landmark with James Carpenter Design Associates and Efrat-Kowalsky Architects.   1 HSW/SD

15:00 Bus to Yad Vashem   

15:30 Guided tour: Yad Vashem Main Building (Safdie Architects) and Children’s Memorial   1.5 HSW

17:00 Bus travel   

17:30 Guided tour: A bi-cultural school as public place for exchange and interaction between two communities   1 HSW/SD

18:30 Bus travel to Government Hill.   

19:00 City model presentation by Ofer Manor, city architect   

19:30 Dinner in Abu Gosh (out-of-pocket expense) and closing statements   

21:00 Bus travel to Tel Aviv   

Total AIA CES LUs (Thu-Sun)   20.75 

Optional Extension  

Monday, 23 April 2012   

08:00 Meet at Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Bring your bathing suit!)  

08:15 Bus travel   

09:45 2012 Beit Halohem Rechter Award: tour of award winning project by Kimmel-Eshkolot Architects (subject of the Thursday evening lecture).   1 

10:45 Bus travel to Be’er Sheva University   

11:00 Guided tour: Be’er Sheva Universty — An update on brutalism in the desert.   1 

12:00 Bus travel to Masada   

13:00 Lunchbox on the way   

14:30 Guided tour: Herod’s Fortress of Masada — Conservation technologies and ancient survival.   2 

17:00 Bus travel to the Dead sea   

17:30 Visit the Dead Sea, where sustainable design issues meet the struggle to conserve and save the sea and hotels at its seashore. Dinner is included in the optional extension price; participants will have the option to swim or visit a local water spa.  

20:00 Bus Travel to Tel Aviv   

Total AIA CES Continuing Education Hours for Monday program extension   4 

Total AIA CES Continuing Education Hours (including Monday extension)   24.75 


More information on the venue will be available in coming days. 

Some suggested hotels…

This event does not have a conference hotel.

Prices for hotels in Israel typically include an Israeli breakfast.

  • Artplus Hotel: A small city center hotel with artistic decor, 565 ILS for single and 610 ILS for a double. To receive the discount for Atlas hotels, register with “AIA Europe Architect’s Group” through: israela@atlashotels.co.il
  • Brown TLV Urban Hotel: this is a boutique hotel located close to Neve Tsedek and the Rothschild Boulevard (one of the cultural centers of Tel Aviv).
  • Cinema Hotel: A small city center hotel in a Bauhaus building, 565 ILS for single and 610 ILS for a double. To receive the discount for Atlas hotels, register “AIA Europe Architect’s Group” through: israela@atlashotels.co.il
  • Hilton Hotel
  • Dan Hotels
  • Herods Hotel: please note this hotel is offering remodeled and un-remodeled rooms, at 208 USD for a single and 232 USD for a double for the remodeled rooms higher than 7thfloor. 
  • The Varsano Hotel: modern rooms in small villas set around a small interior courtyard.

See the conference map for additional hotels, including less expensive options.


The main international gateway for flights to Israel is Ben Gurion Airport (TLV).




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