AIA Europe's Emerging Professionals Committee (EPC) exists to connect and support professionals in the early stages of their careers. We are Assoc. AIA members, members pursuing US Licensure, and newly US licensed architects who are living and working in Europe. Through communication and education, the EPC hopes to encourage the participation and leadership of emerging professionals within the chapter. Engaging the next generation of architects is a fundamental to a strong and vibrant AIA Europe, and the AIA. Contact us at emergingprofessionals@aiaeurope.org

ARE (Architectural Registration Exam):


Upcoming AIAUK Licensure Event, Feb.5th, 7pm with Live Streaming for AIA Europe Members


Because the ARE can be taken in London, AIA UK regularly hosts informational workshops about the process. The next Workshop on February 5th will welcome peer speakers to present case studies on various paths to licensure and will discuss the process for those pursuing a US architecture license as well as for those interested in the process for conversion from UK/EU to a US and a US to a UK license. The first case studies will cover the three NCARB phases - education, experiences and exams - with a special speaker on the new 5.0 ARE format. Email the Event Organizers to register and receive streaming details: emergingprofessionals@aiauk.org.

See AIAUK Website for Details.




Successful completion of the ARE (Architectural Registration Exam) is the final step to becoming a licensed/registered architect in the United States. Young professionals working oversees have added challenges in pursuing US licensure, and AIA Europe's Emerging Professionals Committee aims to ease them by sharing peer to peer resources, and information.

Emerging Professional's Companion

The Emerging Professional's Companion (EPC) is an online resource for interns to gain IDP credit. The EPC can also be used by educators, ARE® candidates, young architects, firms, and AIA components to enhance or create new learning opportunities. All IDP credit earned with the EPC can be approved by a registered architect acting as a mentor, whether or not the intern is employed.  To get your copy go to http://epcompanion.org/

IDP (Intern Development Program)

The Intern Development Program (IDP) is a comprehensive training program created to ensure that interns in the architecture profession gain the knowledge and skills required for the independent practice of architecture. All of NCARB’s 54 U.S. jurisdictions have an experience requirement that must be documented and completed before one becomes licensed. This time between fulfilling the education requirement and getting licensed is referred to as an architectural internship. NCARB’s Intern Development Program (IDP) guides aspiring architects through this process and is the standard accepted means of completing the experience requirement in almost all U.S. jurisdictions. Download the IDP Guidelines for complete program rules and requirements. The Intern Development Program (IDP) is being updated. AXP Launches June 29, 2016