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Italy Section Event: Montepulciano | Summer 2017


Summer Event in Montepulciano, Italy

Exploring Cultural Patrimony of Tuscany: Wine, Food, Architecture  

August 25th - 27th 2017

An Italy Section Event Open to All Members of AIA Europe

The Medieval hill town of Montepulciano was transformed in the 16th century when its alliance with Florence and patronage of the Medici family, brought a dramatic increase in the fortunes of local families and access to the best architectural talents of the day.  By the end of the 16th century the town had transformed itself into 'the pearl of the renaissance'.   Prosperity continued well into the 18th century and there are an extraordinary number of significant architectural monuments and works of art to be found in the town.  We will visit a number of these not normally open to the public and will see some recent renovation and restoration projects that are part of a new economic 'renaissance' that is taking place today.

The event will begin with a visit to the Cantina Antinori, located just outside Florence in the Chianti wine region.  A brilliantly executed design by Archea Associates, which inconspicuously incorporates a large modern production facility and spectacular public space into a vineyard covered hillside.  From there, the event moves to Montepulciano, which is set in the unique countryside of southern Tuscany about an hours drive south of Florence.  

We will spend a day and a half inside the walls of the town learning about its history and visiting some of its historical treasures.  We will also sample the local food and wine, which are important elements in the town's identity today as they are throughout Tuscany.  The cuisine focuses on simple preparation of high quality locally produced ingredients, from game, fish, and poultry to meats and dairy products to fruit, nuts, oils, grains and vegetables as well as seasonal specialities such as wild berries, truffles and mushrooms.  

The Vino Nobili di Montepulciano is one of the oldest DOCG classified wines in Italy and is highly regarded by wine connoisseurs and recently the Rosso di Montepulciano received its own DOC classification.

Our event occurs over the final weekend of the town’s annual festival so there will be much to see and do should you decide to extend your visit.


Conference Organizer – Royce LaNier, AIA, Italy Section Director

With assistance from Section Member Steve Scamihorn, AIA (and family)

And local professionals Arch. Riccardo Pizzinelli and Eileen FitzGerald