Letter From AIA Europe 2016 President Nóra Demeter, Int'l Assoc. AIA

Dear Members,

As we near the summer days, I wish to summarize our activities of the recent months. At our Board Meeting in January, we set some ambitious goals, and we have made progress on many fronts. Most significant in the Chapter’s operations has been a transition on our web platform. For years we have been pampered by the tireless support of Richard Anderson- who was Chair of Publishing and Records. Richard announced his “retirement” from these services and we inaugurated a new website in the past few months.  First Vice President Tiffany Melancon has spearheaded and coordinated this effort and our new site, although still “evolving” is up and running.

In 2015, two new programs were initiated by the Chapter- namely the AIA Europe Design Awards and the AIA Europe Scholarship. The Chapter is committed to the continuation of both programs, with the Design Awards being offered every other year, thereby having the next program launched in 2017. We have announced, on the new website this year’s Student Scholarship Program, with submissions due on 8 July 2016.

In April we had a memorable conference in Barcelona organized by Sophia Gruzdys. The four day event was a complete indulgence in architecture, urban development and local cuisine. It will be remembered as one of our more notable events.

In the Fall, at the end of September we are hosting a conference in Girne, Cyprus. The event, entitled “Communicating Across Cultures” will be both a perspective on historic architecture as well as a conference hosting a student competition. Students from around Europe are convening to participate in a 4 day charrette-competition which will transpire during the course of the actual conference. Registration for the conference will be available on the AIA Europe website by mid-July.

I attended both the Grassroots Leadership and Legislation Conference in Detroit as well as the Annual Convention in Philadelphia. In Detroit, the emphasis was placed on a discourse regarding urban development and the role of the architect within this context. By displacing the conference from its traditional location in Washington, participants were more focused on the discourse of urbanism rather than the implications of legislation in our practice. In Philadelphia, participants were exposed to a variety of inspiring lectures and presentations, as well as visits to such notable buildings as the Barnes Foundation by Williams and Tsien. AIA National has also introduced several new projects- including a new website as well as a new public awareness commercial entitled: http://www.ilookup.org/

I wish all members a pleasant summer and I hope to see many members in Girne.


Nóra Demeter, Int'l Assoc. AIA