Student Project Description

Girne/Kyrenia: Communicating Across Cultures | Past, Present & Future

Student Project: September 28 – October 2, 2016
Students/Mentors should plan to arrive on September 27

General Information/ Mission:

Girne American University ( is a young university located in Northern Cyprus.  They have been challenged by the local municipality ( to assist with defining possible solutions for the unused Old Bazaar located in the center of Girne/Kyrenia.  An adaptive reuse/revitalization project for the community.

The university turned to AIACE to assist with the international architectural student competition or charrette which will take place concurrent to the fall AIACE International Conference and Chapter Meeting.  (Dates as noted above)

AIACE is co-sponsoring the student charrette with the university, and other universities on the island.  AIACE is providing international students to be teamed with local students from the various local universities.  But more importantly, AIACE is providing knowledge -- mentors and the final jury out of AIACE membership and invited guest.  AIACE has agreed to waive the registration fees for students, so they can attend the event and network with the membership, local guests, architects and local students.  

AIACE’s mission with this co-sponsorship is to share knowledge and to promote an open exchange between international architects and students, crossing generational and cultural boundaries. 

The charrette is also generously sponsored by LAUFEN Bathrooms, a long-time sponsor of AIACE.  Laufen has a mandate to promote education and has agreed to sponsor each student who travels from outside of Cyprus.  The local university is providing studio space, equipment and dorm rooms for the use of the students during the event.  

The local municipality is sponsoring student transportation and lunches.  The mayor of Girne/Kyrenia and members of the community have taken a special interest in the project and are providing valuable background information which should inform the student ideas/solutions.

The Brief:

This is an exciting chance for local and international students to assist the municipality to define the construction brief for the future Multipurpose/Adaptive Reuse Project for the Old Bazaar.

The brief is written by Asst. Prof. Dr. Dr. Balkiz Yapicioglu and a team from local universities and community leaders.  The project will require students to understand the typology of the market in the region and understand how it can be updated to function as a multi-purpose facility for the municipality.  Not only to bring life back into the surrounding neighborhood, but also to provide much needed space for community activities.   Other aspects of the project: branding for the municipality, importance of place, understanding transportation links and parking, HSW, sustainability, including technical and diverse issues to be defined by students and local community.  This is an idea competition.

The brief including site data, photos and plans will be sent to students and mentors in late August for initial research.  On site investigation will take place in Girne/Kyrenia on 28 September 2016 with the project kickoff by University, AIACE mentors and local community.  Final jury on 02 October 2016 with Q&A from AIACE membership.


It is the wish of the event planners that the results of the student project be published at a later date in ARCHITECT Magazine and a local publication.  The results of the project will inform the future adaptive reuse construction project planned by the municipality for the Old Bazaar.