Prague 20/20 | Fall 2017

  • Prague Czech Republic

Prague 20/20

A Joint Conference with AIA International Region

October 5th - 9th 2017

*Registration will open May 10th, 2017. A detailed conference program will be published then.


The name of this conference, Prague 20/20, has double meaning. The first is that 2017 marks the twentieth anniversary of AIA Europe's last conference in Prague. The second is perfect sight; hind sight. In this case we will be looking back at what has developed in Prague in last 20 years, while also re-visiting the cherished historic sites.

Prague 20/20 is the first joint conference between AIA Europe and AIA International Region, bringing together a diverse AIA membership from around the globe to gain a wealth of knowledge about architecture and urbanism through the particulars of this European city.

The conference will begin with an introduction to the history of Prague from the Holy Roman Emperor Karl IV to the Second World War, providing the necessary context for understanding the city's latest developments. The overview will be presented in lecture format and walking tours of Old Prague – the Charles Bridge, Wallenstein Palace, The Prague Castel, churches, synagogues and the Municipal House. 

The conference will then focus on the newest urban developments that have taken shape around the Soviet-built metro lines, originally built to bring people from Prague city center to the socialist housing blocks. Today, many new projects have formed around these important transit hubs.

Prague 20/20 is planned to coincide with Prague Architecture Week, providing attendees with many more opportunities to see and learn about contemporary architecture and design during their visit. We hope to see you there.

  • Conference Committee Chair: Vincent Marani, AIA 
  • Conference Committee Co-Chair: Steven Miller, FAIA, RIBA  

Conference Steering Committee: Thomas Bitnar, FAIA; Tiffany Melançon, Int'l. Assoc. AIA, SIA; Loay Quota, AIA, RIBA; Sandra Zettersten, AIA.