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Dubai: The Survival Guide for Architects - Recession and Recovery | Fall 2009

International Conference and Chapter Meeting

The Survival Guide for Architects - Recession and Recovery | 4-6 October 2009

This AIA Continental Europe 2009 conference in Dubai is being planned as a gathering of the four international chapters within the American Institute of Architects. 

Modeled on a traditional AIACE conference, the conference chair, Steven Miller, FAIA, with the support of the AIACE and AIA UK boards, will make every effort to plan a summit of all the international chapters and the International Committee of the AIA:

A minimum of 18 CEUs are expected and will be confirmed at a later date. Lectures within the World Architectural Congress (within which the conference is framed) alone account for 17 hours. 

The two-day AIACE program within  Cityscape (5-8 Ocotber) includes lunches each day and will have two dinners which are being planned at this time. Building tours are also being planned — registrants should anticipate events on Sunday and Wednesday. 

The scale of Cityscape Dubai is similar to an AIA National Convention with over 20,000 attendees focused on real estate and the construction industry.

Kosta Petrov, Conference Director of Cityscape Dubai Conference & World Architecture Congress writes…

"Last year’s World Architecture Congress @ Cityscape Dubai saw the beginning of what is going to go down in history as the first great recession of the 21st century. With liquidity gone and project development on pause, architects around the world are asking themselves the same question, what can architecture practices do to survive the recession and what comes next? 

Bearing this in mind, at Cityscape Dubai, we have planned an event for developers and architects that is embracing “professional survival” like no other event we know of to date. This year’s World Architecture Congress is a critical event where architects and developers will discuss today’s rapidly changing economy and discuss what’s on the horizon for recovery. 

The global downturn and cost cutting does not mean that this year’s event will lack in quality or expertise. On the contrary, this year’s event has been put together in Association with the American Institute of Architects: AIA Continental Europe, UK, Hong Kong and Japan and the AIA International Committee and it will feature a speaker panel unrivalled in the Middle East. Some of the world’s most respected architects and visionaries will share with you their experiences and outlook on architecture in a global recession. 

The best part of all is the fact that the World Architecture Congress runs alongside Cityscape Dubai - the world’s largest real estate show, which means that the potential for new business has no global equivalent. in fact, this is one of the few events where developers attend the congress to discover new and large architectural thoughts. When you register for the World Architecture Congress, you are not just signing up to some random conference but to an event that means business — your business. When you register for the World Architecture Congress, you are not signing up to a generic conference but to an event that means business — Your Business!"

Don’t think twice. Register now and become part of what is going to be the most talked architecture event in years. AIA members you can book the two-day World Architecture Congress event for US$350 only by registering before 4 September 2009.


The venue is the Dubai International Exhibition Centre.

Conference attendees are responsible for booking accommodations. A list of suggested hotels has been assembled by the conference organisersDubai also has a very active Airbnb community.

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