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Udine: Architecture of the Ageless Avante-Garde | Fall 2006

International Conference and Chapter Meeting

Architecture of the Ageless Avant-Garde | 25 August 2006

Udine is a city still much undiscovered as a tourist destination but contains a rich patrimony. Its small scale and pedestrian friendly environment make it an ideal conference setting. Walking tours of Udine will include visits to works by legendary architect by Andrea Palladio and a home by early modernist Carlo Scarpa.

The image of Italy with picturesque landscapes and historic town centers is still applicable today, but Italy is not a country sleeping in its historical past. As a member of the G8 Italy is one of the worlds most industrialized nations. The traditional of creativity of the past has transformed itself into technology and innovative design. Technical Seminars will highlight products and systems by leading firms in the region. Participants will also have a tour of an Italian furniture factory and a new bank building that utilizes the latest Italian curtain wall innovations.

Other nearby towns visited during the conference include the city of Palmanova and Aquilea. The village of Palmanova is a 16th century fortress, initially constructed by the Venetians. Beginning with the hexagonal Piazza Grande the city forms a perfect, nine-pointed star that represents state-of-the-art Renaissance defensive planning. Aquilea is the head of the Adriatic Sea, near Trieste. Founded as a Roman colony in 181 BC, it became a great center of trade between northern and southern Europe, earning the name Second Rome.




The conference is located at the heart of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of northeast Italy.


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