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Hamburg: Hafen-on-Elbe | Fall 2012

International Conference and Chapter Meeting

Hafen-on-Elbe | 18-21 October 2012

Where the Elbe River meets the North Sea, the port city of Hamburg was established in 1189 as an Imperial Free City. Being so, water is very important to this city: as transportation on the Sea and River, to the docks where trading takes place, and to the canals throughout the city to distribute goods. 

Its location and political status have assured Hamburg’s continuing success as a trading haven.

This AIA Europe International Conference & Chapter Meeting will study the HafenCity development, taking shape in Hamburg’s old harbor. As a redevelopment of former industrial land, it expands the city center area by 40%, asserting its environmental credentials first by virtue of location. 

With a gathering of buildings from renowned architects such as Herzog & de MeuronRichard Meier & PartnersBehnisch ArchitektenSchweger & Partner Architekten et al., attendees will be exposed to more than one of the largest concentrations of recent construction in Europe at this time — this collection of work, including the centerpiece Elbphilharmonie, will be reviewed as individual parts and as players in a greater work measured, in part, by its impact on an urban ecosystem. 

Vincent Marani AIA (Chair) & Gabriela Calcedo Assoc. AIA, Conference Organizers


Conference attendees are responsible for booking accommodations. A list of suggested hotels has been assembled by the conference organisersHamburg also has a very active Airbnb community.

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