reSITE and AIA Europe Announce New Collaboration!

AIA Europe Members receive 40% Discount on this year's reSITE events. See Program for the upcoming reSITE Festival in Prague: ACCOMMODATE. To receive your discount, purchase a standard registration ticket and add AIA2018 in the "promo code" box. Click to register.

About reSITE: reSITE is a non-profit platform supporting the understanding and synergies of architecture, urbanism, politics, culture and economics. It presents the ideas and projects of internationally renowned experts to professionals and to the wider public, through events, media and consultancy. For the past six years, reSITE became a leading voice in Europe in the field of rethinking urban planning, architecture and urban development, attracting political leaders of inspirational cities to its Prague’s flagship event. Being a bottom-up start-up, reSITE connects leaders across disciplines and brings a multitude of side events, debates, film screenings, exhibitions and bike rides for the general public. reSITE was founded in 2011 by Martin Barry, landscape architect, originally from New York.