AIA Europe is Pleased To Welcome New Members

Mark Allison, AIA, United States
Meagen McElderry, AIA, Denmark
Michelle Lee Jones Montgomery, AIA, United States
Carlos P. Patricio, Int'l Assoc. AIA, Portugal
Stephanie Rogowski, AIA, Denmark
Dominique Segura, Assoc. AIA, France
Mykhailo Shaidenko, Int'l Assoc. AIA, Ukraine
Lena Weckström, Int'l Assoc. AIA, Finland

And also the following Unassigned and Professional Affiliate members:
José Escobar, Prof. Aff., France
Violanda Franzese, AIA, United States
David Maniet, AIA, United States
Lilly Maniet, AIA United States
Carl Myatt, AIA, United States