In Memoriam: Ruth Schwartzman

Few people that one has the opportunity to meet over the course of a lifetime personify the qualities of dignity, integrity and honesty as much as Ruth Schwartzman. Her elegance radiated throughout the room the moment she entered. Her regard always sharp, connecting with the person in front of her as if no one else was present. She was warm and intelligent, strong and sensitive.

Ruth’s passing last week leaves an undeniable gap where a remarkable and unique woman once stood. She was not only a faithful friend to many of us, but an inspiration in her values and the serenity with which she conveyed them.

Ruth was, in her own subtle way, one of our Chapter’s fact our Matron. She was present not only as Alan’s spouse and partner in life, but as a symbol of our collective force as colleagues and friends. Our sincere condolences go to Alan Schwartzman, her husband for over 60 years, and their sons Eric and Paul.

Her family and friends in the Chapter will feel the void left by her passing, but our memory of this wonderful woman, whose dignity has been a cornerstone of our community, will remain in our hearts for years to come.

Nóra Demeter, Int'l Assoc. AIA
2016 President, AIA Europe