AIA Europe at the World Architecture Festival in Berlin

At the recent World Architecture Festival in Berlin, Germany, AIA Europe was proud to contribute to one of the more important discussions for architects in Europe today. As part of the WAF's Seminar Program: Housing For Everyone, AIA Europe Eastern Section Director, Bard Rama, Int'l. Assoc. AIA, presented an informative lecture about temporary housing and the refugee response across Europe.

Bard brought to the WAF his experience from the Working Conference on Reception & Housing of Migrants and Refugees held in Amsterdam a week prior, allowing him to present real-time information and data from the field together with several examples of currently unfolding projects. He presented a wide range of solutions from the “Home Away From Home” Design Competition for innovative temporary housing, and showed real cases in Munich, Berlin, and Amsterdam, the best of which are placing temporary units within residential areas or preparing occupants to self-manage their settlements.

He shared insights from the Housing Europe Scoping Paper, which identifies several challenges at present regarding the lack of housing, difficulty of maintaining building standards, information gaps and lack of administrative capacity, and concluded with the official list of recommendations to help improve practices by better use of EU policies, EU funding, and knowledge sharing. 

To learn more about temporary housing solutions and the refugee response in Europe, visit these links: