AIA Europe Symposium 'To BIM Or Not To BIM' Held At The ANCB Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory Berlin 

Design, planning and building processes enable the emergence of something new, while the number of actors rises through increasing complexity, new requirements, digital developments, economic pressure and tight deadlines. High quality projects have to be built with maximum efficiency, minimum waste and at record times, even if decisions are made by teams collaborating around the globe in real time. Interdisciplinary interfaces have to be defined, negotiated and communicated to optimize knowledge and understanding as a basis for collaborative design. For these tasks BIM (Building Information Modeling) was developed and has become an increasingly definitive tool for architects worldwide. From this background, complex questions arise that are relevant for planning, construction, society and politics.

In collaboration with The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory in Berlin, Germany, 2016 AIA Europe Germany Section Director Gabriela Liebert organized a successful Symposium and Panel Discussion titled "To BIM or not to BIM" to address this theme. On September 2, 2016, AIA Europe brought together three international experts in the field for public lectures and debate; Prof. Hector Camps (Miami, USA), Boris Bähre (Groningen, Germany) and Gonzalo Portabella (Berlin, Germany). 

Click here to view full videos of the lectures and podium discussion.