The AIA International Region conference was held in Singapore on November 2nd - 4th. On the theme of 'Convergence' about 120 professionals from all over the world gathered to assist at highly interesting conferences by leading local architects. 

Hosted by the Singapore team of AIA International Region, the conference was a huge success and left the participants impressed with the discovery of the quality work being done locally. The combination of modern architecture, historic preservation and the tropical climate of Singapore made the whole conference feel like a discovery of a whole new world.

2018 AIA CE chapter president Carsten Hanssen took part in the program as a representative of our chapter at the IR board meeting that was held during the conference. He reports back that the next AIA IR conference is probably to be held in Shang Hai.

The Fall 2018 Budapest Conference


Over 110 architects, sponsors, related professionals, and friends gathered in the Hungarian capital for a rich and multi-faceted conference late last month: Culture Along the Danube. Highlights included a guided visit through the ruin pub district, a complete tour of Müpa, the Palace of the Arts, a visit to a contemporary winery outside of the city, the new building complex for the Central European University and much more. Please see the next issue of the newsletter for a complete gallery of photos from the conference.

RECAP: October Italian Section Event in Florence

This one day event, hosted by AIA Europe Italian Section Leader Royce Lanier, was packed with a diverse program with attendees from all over Europe, starting at the Florence Institute of Design International (FIDI).  FIDI was founded by Italian section member Marc Di Dominico in 2008. Having begun as a small 'study abroad' program, FIDI has grown to a school offering both undergraduate and graduate programs in several areas of design with more than 150 students.  It is housed on the Piano Nobile of two 18th Century, Category 0 (the highest) historic landmark structures, originally built as grand residences of important Florentine families. The program is detailed below.

Fresco Restoration

The first discussion of the day’s program was a fresco restoration presentation by fresco restoration expert, Sig. Daniella Dini. She showed us a technique of fresco recovery developed by her father following the Florence floods in 1966 and many examples from her own work on recovering and restoring frescos so badly damaged by floods or water penetration that they were seemingly irretrievable. To continue this theme, Arch. Marc Di Dominico discussed the process of uncovering (removing later overpainting or plaster overlay) and restoration of the frescos at FIDI and a tour of the facilities.


Surprises and Setbacks: Rome and Venice Stadium Projects

Next, a presentation by section member Arch. Steven Scamihorn whose firm, BEAR PM, serves as project manager on both projects. His presentation covered two large privately financed urban development projects. Steve explained the national context that led to the creation of a new 'streamlined' project approval process to encourage private financing of new sports stadium projects by allowing them to be integrated with larger development projects that provide additional income streams.


A Decent Simplicity

Last, A Decent Simplicity: Architectural and Compositional Features of Raffaello Fagnoni's 1936-38 Project for the Scula di Guerra Area at Cascine - the afternoon began with a presentation by Arch. Matteo Fagnoni, of the man Raffaello Fagnoni, his grandfather and what it was like to be an architect in Florence in that period. This was followed by an insightful presentation of the project itself by Arch. Simone Barbi, a professor of Architecture at the University of Florence who has extensively studied the works of Raffaello Fagnoni. The presentation was followed by a site visit and tour of the campus, which consists of 9 buildings set within an existing arboretum on the edge of Florence's largest park. The project is without doubt an architectural masterpiece achieved under tight constraints including material shortages requiring special engineering solutions during a period of war by a very young architect who managed the entire process from programming to site planning and design through building and furnishing in less than two years! It continues to serve as Italy's Air Force Academy, where all air force officers receive training as they progress up the ranks. It is an active military facility and access is restricted, so we were fortunate to be allowed to visit.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 11.08.55 AM.png


AmandaBryant-Website Image Cropped.jpg

AIA Europe is pleased to announce the 2018 AIA Europe Scholarship has been awarded to Amanda Bryant, a graduate student at Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. Amanda is from Louisville, KY and received her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from The University of Kentucky in 2014. 
TU Delft Urbanism offers an approach of research by design that is unique when compared to planning and policy studies in the U.S. Amanda’s master thesis applies this way of working to the U.S. context and focuses on The Effects of Automobile Dependence on U.S. Cities as her main topic. She aims to make the connection between the U.S. and European approaches to urbanism in order to improve the built environment at both the street and city level. Amanda will present the findings from her master thesis at the AIA conference in Budapest in September.

reSITE and AIA Europe Announce New Collaboration!

AIA Europe Members receive 40% Discount on this year's reSITE events. See Program for the upcoming reSITE Festival in Prague: ACCOMMODATE. To receive your discount, purchase a standard registration ticket and add AIA2018 in the "promo code" box. Click to register.

About reSITE: reSITE is a non-profit platform supporting the understanding and synergies of architecture, urbanism, politics, culture and economics. It presents the ideas and projects of internationally renowned experts to professionals and to the wider public, through events, media and consultancy. For the past six years, reSITE became a leading voice in Europe in the field of rethinking urban planning, architecture and urban development, attracting political leaders of inspirational cities to its Prague’s flagship event. Being a bottom-up start-up, reSITE connects leaders across disciplines and brings a multitude of side events, debates, film screenings, exhibitions and bike rides for the general public. reSITE was founded in 2011 by Martin Barry, landscape architect, originally from New York.

AIA Europe Spring 2018 Conference "Youth Space & Urban Transformation" in Pristina, Kosovo - A Great Success!

Potos by Gentiana Thaqi and Carsten Hanssen.  Read Full Conference Summary written by Lorraine King, AIA.

We saw an interesting country, full of contrasts and contradictions. The youngest and poorest of Europe, but with great potentials. A country with a communist background that now is facing global and open markets and “western” economy models.

The average age in Kosovo is 27. There is the good and the bad, but these young guys are industrious, they will have great results in the next 10 years. I was also speechless about the welcome and kindness of Kosovo people. Everywhere.

At the end, I came home with 1,746 photos! It’s a lot and this means that we visited a pretty stimulating place. I really liked and enjoyed the conference and I’m proud to say that I learned a lot.

Thank you Bard, Thank you Kosovo, Thank you AIA.
— Sergio Accatino, Int'l Assoc. AIA, Honolulu, Hawaii


Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 9.10.09 AM.png

From Tom Vonier, FAIA - 2017 AIA President, 2018 President of the International Union of Architects:

With regret, we note the death last night of Alan Schwartzman in his ninety-fifth year. Alan was a founding member of AIA Europe. We first met in Paris in 1992. At the time, he was a partner with Davis Brody Architects, dividing his time between Paris and Manhattan.

Alan helped to form the AIA Chapter in Europe and was its second president. A Chapter stalwart, with his wife, Ruth, who died last year, Alan was a man of constant and generous counsel. He became a Fellow of the Institute 42 years ago, earning this citation: “Through his imaginative and creative involvement in design, the practice aspects of architecture, education, and service to the profession, Alan Schwartzman has become the very personification of the complete architect.”

That is a fitting epitaph for a generous and kind man who will be remembered fondly by all who knew him. The photograph is from a 1998 Chapter meeting in Paris.



AIA Europe's Emerging Professionals Committee (EPC) has been formed to support professionals in the early stages of their careers. We are associate members, members on the path to US licensure, and newly licensed architects working and living in Europe. Through communication and education, the EPC hopes to encourage the participation and leadership of emerging professionals within AIA Europe. Engaging the next generation of architects is fundamental to a strong and vibrant chapter, and the AIA. Email Committee Chair Carrie Wilbert at emergingprofessionals@aiaeurope.org to learn how to get involved.

Call For Entries: IABSE Future of Design Conference in NYC, April 28, 2018.

2017 AIA Europe Scholarship Recipient Jasmin Sadegh is organizing the IABSE Future of Design Conference in NYC, April 28, 2018. The theme of this year's conference is Intersections: insights and ideas about creative collaborations. They are currently seeking stories of interesting collaborations! Submit a 30-120 second video before 15 March and get 50% off your conference admissions price. See call for entries here.

2018 President Looking Forward To Year Ahead


Dear AIA Europe colleagues and friends,

It is my honor and pleasure to serve as your president in 2018. A year in which we will continue our conference tradition with two very interesting venues coming up, in the spring, in Pristina, Kosovo, April 5th 8th, and in the fall, in Budapest, September 27th-30th, where we hope to welcome many of you.

Let me thank here again, our past 2017 president Tiffany Melençon, for the excellent work that was achieved in reaching out to students and emerging professionals, and also in the upkeep and feed of our website and newsletters ensuring our monthly reach out to our members.

We’ve started off the year in action with an intense and constructive board meeting which was held on January 13th in Paris. For several years in a row, the board has initiated actions to attract students of architecture and emerging architecture professionals to our chapter, to help and participate in our conferences and eventually join us and become members. This is the next generation and the future of our chapter. Our board has acknowledged this again and it was decided to create a chair for emerging professionals on the board, and make financial aid available to help EP to attend our conferences. The board would like to thank here especially Robert Zinkhan, AIA who donated a 1000$ stipend for helping students to attend our conferences. A warm thank you, Robert !  Another new task the board voted in this year is to establish more formalized collaborations with external partner organizations in order to broaden the visibility of our chapter in Europe.

Our AIA international Associate members received notice last December that AIA National will start to require yearly continuing education credits from this member category as well. Our AIA Int'l Assoc. members, like myself, are often locally in Europe registered architects. So in my role as president this year, I will reach out to local architect’s orders and organizations to try to set up partnership allowing recognition of our conference learning units in the European national continuing education requirements. This will not be an easy task and I will reach out to all of you who have the right connection in order to set this up. More especially I have asked our founding member and last year’s AIA national president, Tom Vonier, who has taken up responsibilities as the UIA 2018 president to help in this. In March, I will present our chapter at AIA national grassroots leadership conference in San Diego, Ca and in June again at AIA’18 national conference in New York.

A big thank you to all our board members for their dedication and time they invest in our organization, and all of our members for continuing support and participation in the past and in this upcoming year. Special thanks to our treasurer Sandra Zettersen, for her longlasting and ongoing investment in AIA Europe and to Elisabeth Heudebourg for the great logistic help, without whom all this would not be possible.

Looking forward to a promising year in advancing our members and chapters interest, I wish all of you and your families all the best for 2018.

Carsten Hanssen, AIA Int’l Assoc.,                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Architecte du Patrimoine, Architecte DPLG                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2018 AIA Europe President

A Great Year For AIA Europe


Dear Colleagues,

2017 has been a special year for AIA Europe in many ways. First, we were privileged to see one of our own serve as AIA National President and successfully lead the organization to a 90,000 record-level membership. As both AIA President and active chapter member, Tom Vonier's participation in our Spring and Fall Conferences this year helped bridge the gap between local and National interests like never before, and our members will continue to benefit from this going forward.

We also hosted our first joint conference with the AIA International Region. The 150 who attended October's Prague 20/20 experienced first hand the unlimited potential of our truly global network. It’s well known that AIA Europe conferences make good friends, and we can now include members from AIA Middle East, AIA Japan, AIA Shanghai, AIA Hong Kong, AIA U.K., and AIA Canada among them.

As the 2nd oldest of the seven International chapters, AIA Europe has developed a unique conference format that has sustained our chapter over the last 23 years. The conference structure is solid – confirmed by the four terrific locations planned through 2019 – but we must focus on widening the participants and attracting new members to the chapter. One way we’re doing this is by talking directly with the younger generation. Through the great efforts of our past, present, and future Board of Directors lead by Carsten Hanssen in 2018, we will continue to support recent programs like the AIA Europe Scholarship and local student design competitions in our conferences. With half the city population under the age of 25, Pristina, Kosovo will be the perfect conference location to highlight the youth perspective on architecture and urban development, and welcome new friends to the chapter. We hope to see you there next Spring.

I thank the conference organizers and the entire Board of Directors for their precious time and volunteer efforts this year, and all of our members for your continued membership and support in 2018.

Tiffany Melançon, Int’l Assoc. AIA, SIA

2017 AIA Europe President                                                                                        


AIA Europe and AIA IR Joint Conference – Prague 20/20 – Successfully Convenes in Prague

From October 5th through 8th 2017, 150+ AIA Members from all seven IR chapters met in the Czech Senate Building for three days of informative lectures and talks followed by diverse Prague city and building tours.  At the Saturday night Gala Dinner held in the Lobkowicz Palace, Conference attendees celebrated fellowship, camaraderie, and the recipients of the AIA International Region Design Awards. Click here for a recap of the AIA International Region Design Awards published in Arch Daily.

Are You Pursuing U.S. Licensure From Abroad? AIA UK Welcomes You To Their Free Informational Event ‘NCARB And You’ Tuesday, October 3, 2017


AIA UK is pleased to present this lecture on the path to becoming a licensed architect in the United States, with invited speakers from the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). This presentation will be of interest to students, aspiring architects, foreign-registered architects and those in the architecture and construction industry who are considering to practice as an architect in the US in the future. 

Topics will include the role of NCARB as well as the different entities involved in the licensure process, the Education and Experience requirements as well as what to expect in the Architectural Registration Exams (ARE); and Certification after licensure for those seeking extra mobility to move and work around the country.

If you have questions about NCARB and the process of getting licensed from abroad, please EMAIL us before October 3rd and they will be asked at the event!

Click here for event details and free registration.


AIA Europe Member and 2017 AIA President, Thomas Vonier, FAIA, Elected President of the International Union of Architects.

Washington, D.C. – September 13, 2017 – Thomas Vonier, FAIA, 2017 AIA President was elected President of the International Union of Architects (UIA) during the 2017 UIA World Congress and General Assembly in Seoul, South Korea. Vonier will lead the Paris-based organization that represents 1.6 million architects worldwide through more than 100 national member sections for a three-year term.  

“The UIA is strong. We have regained our place as an influential world organization, fully engaged with the United Nations, UNESCO and other world bodies. We are advancing global policies and programs of real significance,” said Vonier during his campaign. “We must show the world how architecture can help to resolve the difficult issues facing society and our planet. The UIA is here to unify architects worldwide, influence global policies and outcomes, and advance the power of architecture to meet human needs.”

Vonier plans to engage government bodies and international organizations on meeting global challenges through design, while promoting cooperation among architects around the world. Vonier, who heads a consulting practice based in Paris and Washington D.C., has completed projects in Europe, East Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. “American architects and AIA members should be proud to have an especially qualified representative in Thomas Vonier, FAIA, to lead the global architectural association, the UIA,” said Robert Ivy, FAIA, AIA EVP/CEO. “Tom’s unique perspective and experience will help us all share the power of architecture worldwide.”  

Established in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1948, the UIA is recognized as a non-governmental organization by the United Nations. It works on matters of professional and public interest through three permanent commissions and various work programs. It is chartered to unite architects internationally, without regard to nationality, ethnicity, or political viewpoint.

“As Secretary General of the UIA for the past three years, Tom demonstrated strong leadership through a deep understanding of the international architecture community, and a clear vision for unity,” said 2017 First Vice President/2018 President Elect Carl Elefante, FAIA. “I look forward to the progress our community will make under his leadership.”

AIA International Region Design Awards Deadline Extended to August 25th!

AIA Europe is one of six international chapters of the AIA International Region. Together, all chapters work to bring forward the shared IR mission of providing a collaborative leadership platform to empower members and encourage global success through best practice, innovative thinking, and design excellence.

AIA IR Design Awards are one of the very tangible benefits of the Region which is a free benefit to all IR members covered by chapters, the Institute, and IR sponsors. The Awards receive publication annually, are exhibited in top quality venues (like A'18 in NYC) and are presented on multiple continents!

This year, our Jury Chair and Past Institute President, Helene Dreiling, FAIA will make a special visit to Prague to announce the winners. We encourage AIA Europe members to have a chance to get the recognition you deserve!  We hope to see winners from every Chapter to be celebrated in Prague.  

How to submit:

  • The entire process is very simple; just one Powerpoint and a few on-line fill-in-the-blanks. Click here.

Call for Symposium and Architectural Projects Exhibition CAUMME PAUMME 2018 “Borders in Architecture”

AIA Europe Member, Murat D. Soygenis, AIA, RIBA is co-founder of the platform AUMME which organizes a series of events with Bahcesehir University in Istanbul, Turkey.

AIA Europe members are invited to submit their papers and projects to the upcoming AUMME International Symposium and Architectural Projects Exhibition “CAUMME PAUMME 2018- Contemporary Architecture & Urbanism in the Mediterranean & the Middle East," taking place November 22-23rd, 2018. The symposium aims to rethink the meaning and design of borders in theory and practice of architecture.

In addition to the symposium book containing texts and projects, selected papers will be published in a special edition of a peer reviewed journal called Archnet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research. 

Please see the Call for Papers, Projects and Event Details at

AIA Europe Represented at the European Architectural Heritage Awards (AADIPA) Held in Barcelona, Spain.

AIA Europe First Vice-President, Carsten Hanssen, represented AIA Europe at the European Architectural Heritage Awards (AADIPA) held in Barcelona, Spain June 14th to 15th, 2017.

In addition to being a part of the 15 person international jury invited to judge the 200 submitted projects, Carsten also moderated a lively panel discussion about Architectural Heritage in Europe and presented the AIA Europe Chapter to the attending audience of architects.

AADIPA discovered the AIA European Chapter at our Spring 2016 Conference in Barcelona and asked for our support in finding two American architects to lecture on architectural Heritage practice in the United States.  AIA Europe was pleased to welcome two renowned US experts David Fixler, FAIA from Boston and William Dupont, FAIA from San Antonio, Texas to the European Architectural Heritage Awards Event.

The winners of the AADIPA Awards were announced on the last day of the event, with a cocktail held at the Catalan Order of Architect's building across from the 13th century Barcelona Cathedral – reminding the participants of the old and new architecture they had gathered to debate and celebrate.


Practicing in Continental Europe: An Interview with the AIA Europe Chapter featured in YAF Journal.

The current 'Jet Set' issue of Connection - The Journal of AIA'S Young Architects' Forum - is dedicated to International Practice and how young architects can use their skills across the globe. Many AIA International Region members have contributed to 'Jet Set,' including AIA President, Tom Vonier (p. 06), Tiffany Melançon of AIA Europe (p. 32), Steven Miller of AIA Middle East (p. 24), and Lorraine King of AIA UK (p. 28).  Click here to read.