Montepulciano Hotels




Bookings are so tight for this period that no block booking or discounted rates are possible.  The hotels in town will all be fully booked well before August but there are still some rooms available at this time and lots of privately owned apartments and rooms in private houses, but most of those will also be filled, so don’t leave it too late!


Booking search engines such as may be faster than individual searches, so you may want to try them first.  And there are hundreds of private properties listed on and many with a single apartment or room to rent.  But be sure to verify the real location by using the map function as some sites do not differentiate between properties that are really in the historic center and those that are actually in the countryside).


But when bookings are tight, hotels keep the last few rooms for themselves and some properties* do not use booking services at all, so don’t give up if the first try doesn’t get you what you want.   Here are links to some recommended properties.


In-town hotels and properties with multiple rooms / apartments:

Hotel Duomo

Hotel La Terrazza di Montepulciano

Camere Bellevista di Massoni Gabriella & C

Palazzo Nobile di San Donato

*Meuble Il Ricco

Meuble Cagnano B&B

Osteria del Borgo B&B

La Locanda di San Francisco

B&B L’Agnolo di Caroti Cinzia

Residenza Fabroni

Palazzo Tombesi Trecci

Meuble Evoe

*Politian Apartments

Palazzo Carletti

Il Tasco


Just outside the Walled Town:

Hotel Granducato


A bit further out but still near enough to walk:

Etruria Resorts & Natural Spa